Chiropractor Treatments

When people are in back or neck pain, they often think about going to a chiropractor. But first, they want to know what they can expect out of a chiropractic treatment.

Of course they do, and if you’re in pain, you do too! Having someone manipulate your spine can be scary, but not if you know exactly what they’re doing, and what a typical chiropractor treatment consists of.

Spinal manipulation, or spinal adjustments as they’re also called, is a major part of chiropractic treatment and, the treatment works exactly the way it sounds. Using a hands-on technique, a chiropractor will manipulate and adjust certain bones and tissues.

Other spinal manipulations include things such as “gapping,” which is when air is gently forced out of the spinal joints. There are many conditions and injuries in which chiropractors find manipulation to be useful. But, although spinal manipulation is the most common chiropractic treatment, it’s definitely not the only one that’s used!

Soft tissue therapies, such as deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy are also common treatments that chiropractors use. These treatments work to go deep into tissue to calm and repair them. Physiotherapy modalities are also sometimes used to treat pain or injury through chiropractic.

These treatments often rely on ultrasounds to determine and correct problems and in some instances, electrical stimulation is also used.

Chiropractors aren’t always hands-on in their treatment though. Chiropractors are grouped as part of alternative medicine. To stay true to this, chiropractors will use other treatments such as nutrition advice, stress management therapy, and herbal therapies to treat their patients.

A lot of focus is also placed on preventative treatments so that the patient can learn how to take care of their back properly and without strain so that the injury or pain does not reoccur.